About Amazing Grace Baptist Church – Hamburg


Amazing Grace Baptist Church is a fellowship of all who profess faith in God’s amazing grace realized in Jesus Christ and seek to proclaim the Gospel to all nations, make disciples and offer Spirit filled worship services where participants encounter God’s presence for fullness of life (Matthew 28:18-20; John 10:10; Eph 2:8-9).

Identity and Uniqueness

Amazing Grace Baptist exists to provide a culturally sensitive and Spirit filled fellowship where our common identity in Christ reigns supreme. Thus, the Church provides a cultural atmosphere where God’s grace and beauty reflect in the life of all its members. Here, everybody feels welcome, accepted and belonged to worship God in their own culture and identity (Gal 3:28) and with their God given spiritual gifts (1 Cor 12). Both contemporary gospel songs and  Baptist hymns are sung iAmazing Grace Baptistn contemporary melodies or styles. In this case, both spontaneous spirituality and reflective orderliness characterize our worship atmosphere. The youth and teens are also encouraged to communicate the gospel and also glorify God in the worshipping context through various platforms such as choreography and contextual gospel music.


As a newly established Church, Amazing Grace Baptist is afilliated to the Bund Evangelisch-Frei Baptisten Gemeinden, Deutschland and the Ghana Baptist Convention  and with particular assistance from Christuskirche, Altona.

Ministerial Goals and Activities

We are a body of Christians where members are inspired and empowered to fulfil their evangelistic and stewardship mandate to the nations and cities, touching lives through discipleship and revival programmes that aim at helping members grow in Christlikeness. We also seek to teach both the members and non-members through training programmes to develop a balanced and biblical perspectives in the context of multiplicity of world views. Members become inspired to impact their generation (Matthew 25: 1-13).

Core Emphases

The six core emphases of Amazing Grace Baptists thus include: Salvation by Grace through faith in Jesus Christ; Discipleship; Intercultural Ministry; Warmth Fellowship (Acceptance and Belongingness); Stewardship Excellence; and Holistic Mission (Integrating the great commandment with great commission)


AGB: The Church with a balanced purpose, … Where Grace abounds!

 Worship Service and Meetings


Christus kirche Altona, Suttnerstraße 18, 22765, Hamburg (Behind Holstenstraße Bahnhof)

Meeting Days and Time

Sunday  Worship Services


12.00 – 13:00  for Bible Studies

13-14:45 for worship service

Our Sunday meeting is suitable for all age groups

Wednesday Prayer and Teaching service

Time: 18.30-20.00

This is a teaching ministry that is suitable for anyone who desires to delve deeper into the Bible and at the same time encounter God through prayers.

About the Pastor in Charge

Rev. John Kwasi Fosu is an ordained minister of the Ghana Baptist Convention and has Rev. John Kwasi Fosubeing in a Pastoral ministry since 2003. He also serves as a lecturer at the Ghana Baptist University College, Kumasi. Rev. Dr. Fosu holds a  Doctor of Theology degree (Dr. Theol) from the Universität Hamburg. He is married to Rev. Mary Fosu of Grace Baptist Church, Kumasi and they are blessed with three Children. He is also an author of four books: Experiences of pneumatic phenomena in contemporary Ghanaian Christianity as Appropriations of 1 Cor 12-14: Critical analysis; Christology: Rediscovering Christ’s Life and Teachings; Impacting your Generation and Principles of Stewardship and Wealth Creation.

For further information and enquiries contact him on

Tel: 004915218140077

E-Mail: revjkfosu@yahoo.com

Web: www.revfosu.com




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