DETERMINE TO BE ON FIRE FOR GOD (Daniel 3:1-30), By Rev. John Kwasi Fosu

This is a story most of us became acquainted with in the early days of our religious education. Maybe it was in the Beginners’ Class, or perhaps it was during Vacation Bible School that we were first exposed to the three Hebrew boys named Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Back then, we marveled at their courage, we were amazed that God would protect them and we learned to fear pagan kings, who held the power of life and death in their Hands.

As we grew and came to know the Lord in a personal way, many of us began to experience pressure being applied on our walk with God by the world, the flesh and the devil. Most of us have come to understand the truth that this thing called the Christian life is difficult! We have found that we are at odds with the world and how they live, Rom. 12:2. We are at odds with the devil and what he wants, 2 Pet. 5:8. We are even at odds with the flesh we live in and what it wants to do (Gal. 5:17).

With all of this conflict, there comes the temptation to conform to all the influences around us and go the way of the world, the flesh and the Devil. That is what much of the so-called Christian community is doing! We see churches, homes, families, and individuals who have left the high road of separation and have sold out to the world, the flesh and the devil.

That is why this story about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego is so needed in our day. These men teach us the valuable lesson that it is possible to be on fire for God when most of those around us are headed for the fires of Hell. These verses teach us How To Get On Fire For God! Friends, where there is genuine faith in Jesus Christ, there is fire! Our enemies, the world, the flesh and the devil will try to extinguish our flames and mold us in their image, but we can live for God! We can stand and we can be on fire for God in these days. These verses tell us how! Will you join me as we look at these steps today?

 Determining to be Different (Daniel 3:1-7)
Understanding the context
Evidently, Nebuchadnezzar had not been content with Daniel’s interpretation in chapter 2, and he wanted to establish his kingdom forever. So, he made an image of solid gold. He set himself up as a god to be worshiped. His decree was for all men to bow to him. Those who didn’t were to be sentenced to a death by fire in a furnace. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego faced a serious dilemma. There were temptations they had to overcome in three specific areas. By the way, these are the same areas also faced by the child of God in our world today:

1. There was the Temptation for them to Guard their Positions

There was the temptation to look after self in this matter and guard their personal interests. They may have been tempted to say, “After all, we are in positions of great influence in the kingdom, 2:49. Who knows what we can accomplish for God? But, if we get ourselves killed, we will be of no use them.”

2. There was the temptation for them to Avoid Persecution

According to verse 6, anyone who refused to bow was to be burned! No one relishes the thought of that happening to them. They may have been tempted to say, “A living dog is better than a dead lion! Isn’t it better to be a living coward than a dead hero? Besides, that furnace looks like a painful way to go. Surely God does not intend for His children to suffer like that!”

3. There was the temptation for them to Conform to their Peers

There was the temptation for them to be like everyone else. Perhaps there was the temptation to say, “After all, all the other people here are bowing. What’s it going to hurt? I will just bow on the outside, but I’ll be standing in my heart.”

Whether they faced such temptations or not is purely a matter of speculation. However, you and I certainly do think in the manner I just illustrated. We have a tendency to seek that which is best for self in any situation. While that may be true, if we want to make an impact for God in the world around us, then we must be different! Notice how these three men were different in their day. The same needs to be true concerning every child of God today!

Some Lessons that we can learn from them

A. Determined to Be Separated

These three men were willing to be different from everyone else who was around them. There aren’t many in this day who are willing to be different. Yet, this is just what we need in our day! Think about it. Who wants to be called weird? That is why people follow the fads in hairstyles and clothing. That’s why everyone learns the newest terms and hip expressions. That’s why millions get hooked on the same television shows. We don’t want to be different! We all want to know the same things, look the same, talk the same and act the same as everyone else around us. Nobody wants to be different! But, that’s just what the Lord has called us to be (2 Cor. 6:17). God wants His people to look different, to talk different, to think different, to appear different, to act different than the lost world around us. He wants us to be separated! In fact, He wants us to be so different, to stand out so much that we draw the world’s attention to Him (Matt. 5:13-16). God really does want us to be a peculiar People (Titus 2:4).

B. Determined to take a Stand for God

While everyone else in Babylon was bowing before Nebuchadnezzar’s idol, these three men were standing straight as arrows. Why not just “Bow and repent?” Millions do that everyday! Not these men! They had made up their minds that they would not bow and they didn’t! Certainly, theirs is a good example for believers in this age! There are some things that are wrong! It doesn’t matter who may be for them, they are still wrong, and we need to make up our minds that we will take a stand against that which is wrong and for that which is right. God’s call for us is that we stand firm (1 Cor. 15:58; Eph. 6:10-18).

 C. Determine to be different (Daniel 3: 8-15)

When these fellows refused to bow before that idol, some other folks, who were just jealous of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, went and told the king. As a result, these men were called on the carpet and given another chance to do it the king’s way! While they chose to be different when they were with the crowd, here they choose to be determined when they stand in the presence of the king. Their determination stands as an example to each of us today.

– Be different in Spite of Insinuation  (Daniel 3: 8-12)

These verses tell us that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were accused of being enemies of the king. It is true that they would not worship the king’s image, but they were faithful servants of the king. However, where the king’s commands violated the commands of God, they chose God’s way over man’s way! Friends, when you decide that you are tired of the world’s games and you begin to stand for Jesus, you can count on the world turning against you (2 Tim. 3:12). The rational is that they hated Jesus and they will hate His people as well (Luke 23:31; Matt. 10:24-25).
But, when they rise up against you, be determined that you will stand for Jesus! When the time came He stood for us. The least we can do is stand for Him!

– Be different in Spite of Interrogation  (Daniel 3: 13-14)

Nebuchadnezzar seems to be offering these boys a chance to save face. He gives them to bow where no one else would have the opportunity to see them do it. I can almost hear him whisper, “I know you boys are believers in the God of the Hebrews. But, nobody’s looking right now. Why not just bow down real quick and it will all be over? You can keep your jobs and people will still respect your testimony.” Even if Nebuchadnezer didn’t offer them the opportunity to save face, he was certainly offering them the chance to save their hides (v. 15). Yet, they stood and determined to stand for God even when they were under the gun!

There will be times when the world will try to pin us down about what we believe. They will tighten the screws on us and try to make us squirm because we think differently than they do. My friends, I submit to you that we have no reason to back away from what we are. We have no reason to be ashamed of what we are. We have no reason to be ashamed of Who we belong to. The advice Peter gave us 2,000 years ago is still just as valid today, “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear: Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.” (1 Peter 3:15-16). Therefore, even when the world doesn’t understand you, be determined to stand for God anyway!

– Be different in Spite of Intimidation (Daniel 3: 15)

In these verses, Nebuchadnezzar really tightens the screws on our three friends. He reminds them that they face a terrible death at his hands. He is even quick to point out that God can’t save them! He is trying to intimidate them into bowing before his idol. Notice how they respond to his threats (v. 16-18). In effect, they are saying that this is not their problem! Whether they live or die depends entirely upon the will of the Lord. In fact, they seem perfectly content to do either! In their resolve they remind me of Job (Job 13:15 and of Paul, Phil. 1:21).

The example they set for us is priceless! These men loved God and could not even be intimidated into doing something they knew was evil! God helps us to stand even when the world, the flesh and the devil all start to growl at us and threaten us with harm. We are the Lord’s and He will see to us! What we do not want to miss is the truth that regardless of what Nebuchadnezzar threw at these men, they just stood their ground! What a lesson for us! We live in a day when many churches and professing Christians are crumbling under pressure from the world. If there ever was a day when we determined we would stand, it is this day in which we live)! Do you want to get on fire for God? Then Be Different and Be Determined.

Let’s face it, there are times when we are faced with the fire! Sometimes, if we were honest, we would have to admit that we backed down instead of facing the flame. Maybe that describes you! If so, you can come to the Lord today and get forgiveness for that things and take your stand with Him.

Others of you are more like Nebuchadnezzer than you are the three Hebrews. By that I mean, you only have a nodding acquaintance with God. You know Who He is, but you do not have a relationship with Him. Friend, you just need to be saved. Wherever this message has found you today, you need to deal with it before the Lord. There is hope and there is help in His altar. Will you come to Him as He calls for you?



Jonathan said to his young armour-bearer, “Come, let’s go over to the outpost of those uncircumcised fellows.

Perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf. Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few.” (1 Samuel 14:6)

Those who impacted their generations in the biblical times are those who took steps of faith and courage. John L. Mason in his book “Let Go of Whatever makes you Stop,” states that “faith can rewrite your future.” The only thing that stands between you and the accomplishment of your goal, dreams or God’s purpose for your life is merely the courage to try and the faith to believe that it is possible. This essay points out some essentials of operating godly faith and Courage needed to Impact one’s Generation.

Kill the pride in you or it will kill your faith and courage needed to impact your generation!

In chapter thirteen of 1 Samuel, when Saul became King over Israel, he chose two thousand men for himself at Michmash and thousand men for his son Jonathan at Gibeah of Benjamin in their war against the Philistines. They were arch enemies as biblical history reveals. Jonathan attached the philistines’ outpost at Gibeah. However Saul, out of pride had the trumpet blown throughout the land that he had attached the Philistines. This made all the people of Israel to gather around Saul at Gilgal to join in the battle. Now the Philistines assembled to fight the Israelites with thirty thousand chariots, six thousand horse men and soldiers as numerous as the sand on the seashore. When the men of Israel saw that their situation was critical and their enemies were hard pressed, some hid in caves, thickets, among the rocks and in cisterns. Some crossed the Jordan to the land of Gad and Gilead to join the enemies. That is they took the other side to avoid destruction. Saul with the troops was quaking in fear and discouragement and was staying at some pomegranate tree in migron. The devastating circumstance is that physically they had no strong weapons to rely on the day of battle. It is important to emphasize from this background that Saul’s growing pride started out small – taking credit for a battle that was won by his son. Left unchecked his pride grew into an ugly obsession thereby destroying him, tearing his family apart and threatening the wellbeing of the nation.


Taking credit for the accomplishment of others indicates that pride is controlling your life. When you notice pride taking foothold, take immediate steps to put it in check giving credit to those who deserve it. Pride in your life may be in the form of forgetting who is on your side and relying on your own resources. This produces panic at the sight of oppositions. Humility focuses attention on God and his resources and trusting Him to help in the midst of problems and temptations. The Israelites became terrified and hid when they saw the mighty Philistine.


It is important to note that it is in the midst of these terrifying circumstances, discouraging atmosphere, frustrating period that Jonathan with the armor-bearer in 1 Samuel 14:1-13 arose in faith and courage to attack their enemies.

Jonathan out of his bold step of faith and courage did confront the enemies and did overcome them. Irrespective of the terrifying circumstances he found himself, he indeed succeeded and victory was on his side. There are some lessons that can be drawn from Jonathan’s adventurous encounter. This is necessary for every Christian who wants to succeed in life and thus remain victorious in life’s struggles against oppositions and for accomplishments of one’s goals or purposes in life.

Some Barriers to overcome in taking Steps of Faith and Courage

Jonathan in his step of faith and courage had to overcome certain barriers which are enemies of faith.

Barrier of Negative Past Experience

Jonathan could have remembered what the father did when he first attacked the enemies at Gibeah. When Jonathan attacked and destroyed the philistine’s outpost, Saul took all the credit. Yet this arrogant past experience of Saul did not discourage Jonathan. Your past must be a place of reference and not a place of residence. In taking a step of faith and courage to achieving your desired goal and purpose in the midst of opposition, you must overcome the challenge of your negative past experience. Perhaps you are afraid to begin something great in life because you have ever failed in some areas of your life. Be it exams, marriage plans, business plans or an attempt to travel overseas. Realize that those past disappointments are not the end of your life. Take a step of faith and courage.

Barrier of Crowd

Jonathan in taking a step of faith and courage did not tell his father and the other Israelites. He did not seek approval of the crowd. Note that it is human to follow the crowd, but it is divine to follow the principles of God. Know the secrete of been secretive in your stets of faith and courage. Jesus understood this principle by receiving supernatural strengths in privacy and sometimes with some core disciples but demonstrated God’s power and miracles in the crowd. Jonathan confined in the armour bearer. It is said that “if you want to move faster you must go alone, and if you want to travel far you must go with someone. The four men who took the step of faith in Mark 2 did all they could to overcome the barrier of crowd by passing through the roof of the building of where Jesus was in order to lower the paralytic man in front of Jesus. When Zacheus wanted to see Jesus at all cost, he run ahead of the crowd to climb the sycamore tree. What a step of faith! So Jonathan with his armour bearer dealt with the barrier of the crowd. This is what Jonathan did. He avoided the crowd to take a step of faith.

Barrier of Tradition

The Political tradition and culture of Jonathan’s day demanded that all eyes were on his father Saul, to lead them to battle. However, Jonathan out of divine inspiration to take a step of faith and courage took the initiative. Inasmuch as one’s traditional and cultural background is important in the practice of Christianity, the voice of God and for that matter divine illumination of the word of God about a particular situation should be taken precedence over one’s cultural tradition in matters of faith and courage.

Barrier of Prevailing Circumstances

The present circumstances of Jonathan and the armour bearer appear that there was no hope. Consider the size of their enemy’s weapons against theirs. They were in darkness of fear, frustration and discouragement. All these threatened Jonathan. Yet He arose. Jonathan arose by looking beyond his present circumstances. Regret looks at the past, sorrow looks at the present circumstances, but faith looks ahead. Have a positive attitude no matter the present circumstances. It is not the circumstances that matter, but what you do about it. The circumstances that imprison you cannot limit you. Remember the former president Nelson Mandella who is a legend of his time. He was twenty-seven years in prison, yet rose to become the first black president of South Africa. You may not be responsible for been knocked down but you are responsible for your rising up. The afflictions you are going through are for a moment. They are temporal. They have not come to stay. Once the disciples of Jesus were scattered and were hidden. Some out of frustration denied Jesus. Others also took other side on that Friday of Jesus’ death. But remember that Jesus resurrected. Sunday morning came. You know what? There is day and there is night. There is joy and there is sorrow. It is today that you are crying. Tomorrow you will laugh. Your tomorrow is on the way coming. Every tomorrow has two handles. You either take it by the handle of faith or by the handle of courage.


Steps of Faith and Courage

  1. Know that God is with you

Determine to take a step of faith because like Jonathan, you are serving the living God. And Jonathan said to the young man who bore his armor, Come, and let us go over to the garrison of these uncircumcised ones. It may be that Jehovah will work for us. For there is no restraint to Jehovah, to save by many or by few (I Samuel 14: 6). Be motivated by the truth that like Jonathan, when only God is with you, you are more than majority. Indeed, faith sees the invisible but it does not see the non-existent.

  1. Recognize the Importance of Positive


Two things are mentioned here in this step. One has to do with positive and the other has to do with confession. Not all things that come to mind are positive. Some are negative and intend to ruin, discourage or frustrate you in life. The one to focus attention on is that of the positive thouts. Again, not all things that come to mind are worth confessing. The scripture points out that the tongue has power over life and death. Everyone is satisfied by the fruit of his lips. Jesus taught that you can have what you say if it is said in faith (Mark 11:23). In the midst of intimidation, Jonathan was positive. And Jonathan said to his armor-bearer, Come up after me, for Jehovah has delivered them into the hand of Israel (l Samuel 14:12b). The positive confessions counter and defeat negative thoughts and see yourself in accordance with your dream. The Psalmist put it better by writing that

 “out of the mouths of babes and suckling, You have ordained strength, because of ones vexing You, to cause the enemy and the avenger to cease (Psalm 8:2).

Jonathan’s positive confession came to fulfillment. The enemy was ceased. Make it your habit from now to confess positively about your spiritual growth, your health, relationship and marriage, profession, ministry and all other areas of your life. There is power in positive confession. Agree with David to say that “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Confess each day that you are blessed and highly favoured and that you have hope!

  1. Consider the Value of Perseverance

Climbing with his hands and feet did not discourage Jonathan (1 Samuel 14:13). Persist in your step of faith and courage. Persistence breaks down resistance. In the controversy between the river and the rock, the river emerges the winner, not because of strength, but because of perseverance. Persist because God has seen your weaknesses and understands you. He knows your ambitions and what he wants you to accomplish. Your ability to persevere is an indication that you are on your way to success.

  1. Be assured that God honours Faith

Realize in your step of faith and courage that God honours faith and visualize the end result from your initial actions of faith. God always rewards those who come to Him in faith (Hebrews 11:6). Jonathan’s faith was rewarded. They killed twenty men in their first attack (1 Samuel 14:14). Saul and his discouraged troops were revived and could join in the battle (1 Samuel 14:20). Those who were with the enemies or had joined their opponents because of fear and frustration came back to support Jonathan (1 Samuel 14:21). Last but not the least those who were fearful and thus hidden also joined in the attack (1 Samuel 14:22). Your step of faith and courage will never go unrewarded.

The four men who carried the paralyzed man by faith never returned home disappointed. Their sick friend was forgiven and healed (Mark 2:1-9). Zacheus who took the step of faith and courage to see Jesus even from the top of a tree did not see frustration. Jesus honoured his faith. Zacheus did not only see Jesus, but he enjoyed the physical presence of Jesus in his own house. God honours faith. Take a step of faith in the aspect of financial giving for the course of God’s Kingdom and God will bless you abundantly. By faith and courage, sow some seeds of love in your marriage relationship   and God will honour it. God rewards well whatever is done in faith.

Conclusion and Reflection

This article has pointed out the value of taking step of faith needed to impact lives.  Faith that is necessary in every aspect of life’s journeys. Beloved, I don’t know how discouraged you may be in your efforts to do something great and worthwhile for your generation at the time of reading this material. You may be going through some spiritual conflicts with the powers that be. You may be going through some financial difficulties, pressures from friends and families. The antidote to life’s crisis is faith in Christ. For without Christ, life is full of crisis. The steps of faith and courage unfolded in this chapter serve as flashlight. No matter how dark you find yourself; they will help you find your way out.

Note that as a spiritual exercise, faith is an individual affair. Take a step of courage. Have a positive attitude towards life’s challenges. In African religious heritage and in Akan culture in particular, the fearful are disqualified from becoming ancestors. For example, whoever decides to run for his or her life at battlefield and dies in the process becomes disqualified to be canonized as an ancestor. Be a woman or man of faith and courage. They are rewarding virtues that cuts across cultures. No wonder the writer of Hebrews devotes a whole chapter to talk about Heroes of faith (Hebrews 11).



By   Rev. John Kwasi Fosu 


This message was initially prepared as I was called upon to Train a Group of Prayer Warriors of Grace Baptist Church, Kumasi – Ghana, West Afrrica in February 2011. It is my prayer that it will be beneficial to you the as a Reader who desires to engage in the spiritual discipline of prayer.

The importance of Prayer and for that matter the role of prayer warriors in the growth of the local church cannot be overemphasized. The Hebrew word “pray” means to “intercede, to entreat, to make supplication.” Prayer is therefore the secret of every great spiritual life.

Prayer also is the secret to great church. The early church was a church at prayer. They prayed for boldness and for wholeness, and they prayed for revival and for survival. They prayed for freedom and forgiveness. The church will not get on its feet until it first gets on its knees. Charles Spurgeon describes the prayer of the church as the heating apparatus of the church. The prayer level is also the power level of the church

Brief Biblical, historical and contemporary bases of the Call to be Prayer Warriors

The fact remains that God is said to be a Warrior God. All who have walked with God have viewed prayer as the main business of their lives. Abraham knew when to intercede for Sodom and Gomorrah (Genes 18); Moses knew how to win their war against the Amalekites spiritually on the Mountain (Exodus 17:8 – 16). David declares that God trains his arms for battle.  In the N. T, watching Jesus, the disciples concluded that prayer was the secret of his great life. The apostles (Acts 6:4) and the early church (Acts 12) saw prayer as their utmost priority and means of deliverance respectfully.

Church history too has it that the giants of faith all made prayer the essential part of their life. Martin Luther declares, ‘I have so much business I cannot get on without spending at least three hours daily in prayer.’ John Wesley says, ‘God does nothing but in answer to prayer’ and backed up his conviction by devoting two hours daily to that sacred exercise.

In contemporary times, some churches that are doing well all are reputed for engaging full time intercessors. For example: T. D. Jakes and Ashimolowo and many others. And no wonders they are excelling in ministries

The need for Prayer Warriors in the Local Church and in God’s Kingdom in general

Prayer warriors in some sense can be said to be tautology. However, its usage is to be allowed for the sake of emphasis. The reason has been that the words used for prayer, has the sense of entering into war. For example, we are told that Jacob wrestled with God in prayer; Jesus travailed in sweat in Prayer; Paul teaches that we wrestle not against fresh and blood. Thus the use of the words wrestle and travail suggest that prayer is a work and for that matter a spiritual work that involve the use of physical energy.

The following points underscore the necessity of prayer warriors:

  1. Prayer is the exchange of strength between Man and the Creator God (Isaiah 40:28-31).
  2. Prayer gives us the Church the right to receive from God Luke 11:1-3; Matthew 7:7).
  3. Prayer warriors overcome the devil. That is they engage in warfare that sets God’s Children free from the bondage of the devil (Ephesians 6:10-18).
  4. Prayer warriors prevent us from getting into temptation (Matthew 26:42).
  5. Prayer warriors serve as a catalyst for other ministries of the church such as evangelism, good leadership roles and general giving of the church to go on (I Tim 2:4)
  6. They Pray to release divine favour (Nehemiah 1:4; 11).

Qualities of a Prayer Warrior

NB: These qualities also go for those who are into deliverance ministry. However, it is important to point out that not all who are prayer warriors belong to the deliverance team.

  1. The prayer warrior must be a born again Christian and abide in Christ through his word (John 15:7).
  2. The Prayer warrior must be spirit controlled and spirit filled. The natural man cannot fully understand the mysteries of God. How can you pray for somebody that you embittered against. Have a forgiving spirit. Love people. Control your emotions. Control your eye and sexual passions. Don’t be like Gehaze!
  3. The prayer warrior must have a team spirit or must be a team player. The Bible says that one will chase 1,000 but two will chase 10,000. There is power in unified prayer. It is when collaborative spirit is employed that all the gifts that are to be manifested or used in the context of prayer become fully utilized.
  4. The Prayer warrior must be disciplined and respect authorities. Be disciplined in the use of time. Respond to prayer request promptly. Note that your prayer line can serve as a live line to somebody’s death line. Control your mouth when somebody comes to you with prayer needs.
  5. The prayer warrior must have an intercessory spirit. Note that as a prayer warrior, you exist first and foremost as an intercessor. It is said that intercession is the highest form of service. For Jesus still prays for us even after his death and resurrection. Abraham interceded, Elijah did that, the early church interceded for Peter and heaven responded.
  6. The Prayer warrior must recognize his or her spiritual authority and put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18).
  • The belt of truth buckled around your waist.
  • The breastplate of righteousness.
  • Your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.
  • The shield of faith.
  • The helmet of salvation.
  • The Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God used in an active sense.



  1. John Kwasi Fosu




Understanding the Meaning and Timeless Implications of the Christian Doctrine of Trinity

  The Meaning of Trinity

In reality, the Trinity cannot be fully or properly defined.  Then how can one describe God?  The Trinity affirms that God exists in one Godhead, having eternal distinction within His being.  Those distinctions correspond to what was manifested in the history of salvation as recorded in Scripture.  God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit – three in one. Thus the term trinity describes a relationship not of three gods, but of one God who is three persons. The word Trinity is used in an effort to define the fullness of the Godhead both in terms of his unity and diversity.

Some Significant implications of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity to the Christian life and ministry

The Trinity is a summary of Christian teaching that God is truly the living God

In this doctrine, it becomes clear that God is truly the living God, the God who has life in himself, who is literary full of life. It also tells of one God and Father who invades our world as Jesus the Son to provide salvation and fellowship.  God is now present in the ongoing life of His people by the Spirit. Thus within the three-in-one God are all the possibilities of communication.

The Trinity is the Christian doctrine of God that counteracts heretical teachings

  Because the Trinity corrects the false teaching of deism—God created and then left the creation to natural laws. Because the Trinity corrects the false teaching of subordinationism – that Jesus is less than God. Because the Trinity corrects the false teaching of polytheism—that there are several gods of whom Jesus is one.  Trinitarianism is monotheism.  God is one. Bruce Milne explains this better by pointing out that everything that matters in Christianity hangs on the truth of God’s three-in oneness. In this case one is urged to take the supreme issue of our sin which separates us from God and renders us subject to his wrath. In the final analysis sin concerns two parties, the offending sinner and the offended God. Hence, if Jesus is not God, my sin really has nothing to do with him. Once when Jesus forgave a man’s sisns he was accused of blasphemy, for only God can forgive sins (Mark 2:5-7). For only if Jesus is God come to us in person can he deal with our sins; conversely, if he deals with our sins, he must be God. God is therefore not a simple undifferentiated unity of being.

The doctrine of the trinity is of importance to our salvation

The entire fabric of Christian redemption and its application to human experience depend wholly on the three-in-oneness of God.  Christians claim that God’s regenerating power has come into their lives; now they know God and experience his presence, are persuaded of the authority of his Word, and receive strength to live for him and gifts with which to serve him. But if this is not God himself at work in us, Christian’s claims about the activity of the Holy Spirit are a delusion, unrelated to supernatural reality. Only if the Holy Spirit who acts upon us is God himself, can our experience make good its claim to truly redemptive? On this basis too, we must say that God is more than a simple unity of being.

The doctrine of trinity is of great importance for a proper understanding of creation and God’s love

The threeness of God is also the basis of the fundamental assertion that God is love. God is not a lonely God who needs the creation as an object for his love. As Trinity God is fulfilled in himself and does not need to create or redeem. As creation and redemption are acts of sheer grace, expressions of God as free eternal love.

The belief in the trinity is equally essential for the doctrine of revelation

This is seen from the fact that the doctrine of the Trinity is the basis for all revelation. In the revelation of the Father, in the Son through the Spirit, we not only receive some external information about God, but we have the gurantee that God himself is speaking to us and opening his divine heart to us.  Here it can be said that the Trinity is the inner life of God.  In Himself, God is eternally what He reveals Himself to be in Jesus the Messiah.

The Trinity invites participation

The Trinity is best experienced as an invitation for the worshipper to participate in fellowship with the triune God. Here to reflect upon God in his three-in-onenss, Father, Son, Spirit, in their distinguishable persons and functions yet perfect unity and harmony in mutual, everlasting love, is to catch a vision of something so unspeakably glorious, even beautiful and attractive, that it has ever and again down the centuries moves men and women to the heights adoring worship, love and praise.


When I look at my life, I realize that Jesus loves me just as I am. I am convinced and can therefore confidently say that  all my sins are forgiven.  I now enjoy peace with God. I believe that just as Jesus loves me, so also he loves you too just as you are. Just believe that Jesus is Lord and accept him into your life as your saviour. He indeed loves you and he is thus ready to save you.


Please do contact me under the following address if you are touched and convinced to give your life to Jesus Christ, accepting him  as your Saviour and Lord

Rev. John Kwasi Fosu